Detectors and Sensors

AST Components delivers import gas sensors from leading world manufacturers: Nemoto & Co.Ltd (Japan), SIXTH SENSE (Great Britain), Membrapor (Switzerland), Dynament (UK). As well we can provide with the accessories and the additional equipment to sensors. The brief description of sensors and the basic list of positions you can see below.

Dynament (UK) [price]

Dynament is a UK based company that specialises in the design and development of miniature infrared gas sensors for industrial, hygiene and medical applications. The sensors use the well established non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique to monitor the presence of gases and vapours via their infrared spectral signature.

  • The versions currently available comprise:- Hazardous area certified infrared gas sensors for the full range of Hydrocarbon gases (including Methane), Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.
  • Non-certified infrared gas sensors for use in separately certified explosion protected housings and non-certified applications, for the full range of Hydrocarbon gases (including Methane), Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.

MEMBRAPOR (Swiss) [price]

MEMBRAPOR, the synonym for reliable electrochemical gas sensors.
Since 1995, our medium-sized, family-run company supplies OEM of gas sensing solutions and puts great value on quality, customer proximity and flexibility.
MEMBRAPOR sensors are manufactured in Switzerland and applied in the most diverse fields across the world. We are proud that our ongoing search for new solutions is continuously improving our product range and additionally, is leading to new developments.

For years customers throughout the world have placed their trust in MEMBRAPOR as an independent supplier of exceptional, highly reliable gas sensors. We at MEMBRAPOR continue to seek independency and to place great emphasis on long-lasting cooperation with our customers.
Innovation is the driving force behind the technological progress at MEMBRAPOR. We offer more than 300 sensors, made to measure >20 gases with your: fixed-point detection systems, portable gas detectors, air quality monitors & flue gas analysers.

Nemoto & Co. Ltd. (Japan) [price]

Nemoto & Co.Ltd, since its founding 65 years ago has become one of world’s leader manufacturers of gas sensors and gas detectors. It produces inexpensive sensors and detectors for toxic, flammable gases and gas pollutants. Nemoto & Co.Ltd products are used in the fields of fire safety, ventilation and conditioning, quality control of air, household devices.

NAP-505 | CO  NAP-55-A | CH4

Sixth Sense (UK) [price]

Sixth Sense produces a wide range of gas sensors. Sixth Sense’s sensors are suitable for industrial, residential and commercial environments. The company is one of the world’s largest producers manufacturing in excess of 1-million devices every year.
Today, the company offers the following gas sensors:

SURECELL ELECTROCHEMICAL GAS SENSORS (Carbon Monoxide CO, Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, Chlorine Cl2)

SureCell is a revolutionary design of high performance electrochemical gas sensor. SureCell embodies a number of technological advances to offer unprecedented performance in even the harshest environmental conditions:

  • The unique internal construction of SureCell ensures indefinite operation in extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Even during extended periods of exposure to high humidity, there is no leakage potential or signal loss.
  • Further design features provide reduced cross sensitivity and increased stability.
  • Improvements in mechanical design ensure SureCell is high quality, reliable and dependable.
  • Advanced production processes result in a sensor that is both cost effective and available in high volumes.


ECO-Sure is the latest generation CO sensor from Sixth Sense specifically designed for use in consumer and commercial applications. It is the ideal sensor for fire detection systems, residential CO alarms and car park monitoring systems.

  • Exceptionally low cost.
  • Unique design for use in extreme environments.
  • Typical lifetime in excess of 5 years continuous use
  • Suitable for use in BS, EN, UL, LPC, VDS and TUV accredited products.
  • Features an integrated active filter to eliminate false alarms caused by common household vapours.

O2 SL SENSOR (Oxygen O2)

SL Oxygen sensors from Sixth Sense overcome the problems associated with standard metal can sensors. They are designed to be directly interchangeable with current sensors incorporated into fixed and portable gas detectors. Typical applications include the measurement of Oxygen deficiency in confined spaces such as tunnels, mines or chemical plant or for the analysis of combustion gases in flues and chimney stacks. The SL's shock resistant, leak free design ensures lifetime reliability. High sensor to sensor repeatability and tolerance to temperature and pressure transients also contribute to highly reliable performance. All have lifetimes of 18 months.


New, simple and low cost, this miniature sensor for the detection of Carbon Dioxide is specially designed for demand controlled ventilation applications using Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy as the measuring principle. This technique guarantees high accuracy and excellent long term stability, simultaneously allowing miniaturisation of sensor size and reducing power consumption. Other applications and/or detection of other gases are possible with this detection principle. A new dual cell technology and advanced signal processing algorithms additionally improve its performance especially in critical environments such as ventilation ducts. The sensors are not affected by dust, water vapour or most chemicals. All sensor modules are factory calibrated and maintenance free.


The innovative material and construction of a double beam infrared measuring system ensures Carbon Dioxide is detected quickly and precisely. A new digital algorithm evaluates and processes the measured signals, offering long-term stability in a lightweight, compact and cost-effective package.
The infrared measuring system detects the absolute Carbon Dioxide content of ambient air and monitors itself constantly, signaling if there is a malfunction of its hardware or software.


Sixth Sense pellistors allow you to reduce calibration requirements, increase customer confidence and repeat business.
All pellistors are attacked by certain vapours and in particular, by silicone and Hydrogen Sulphide. The CAT16 sensor will survive up to 20 times longer than other 'poison resistant' sensors. Sixth Sense pellistors often exhibit lifetimes in excess of 5 years.
CAT16 elements are available for fixed point systems, whilst the CAT25 suits portable devices. The CAT25 sensor is amongst the most power efficient worldwide. If required, this can be supplied in metal housing and fitted with an integral flame arresting sinter, making it ideal for use in certified equipment

MICRO ELECTROCHEMICAL GAS SENSORS (Carbon Monoxide CO, Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, Chlorine Cl2)

The MICRO range from Sixth Sense has been designed to allow manufacturers of portable instrumentation the option of further reducing the size of their products. Despite their diminutive size, at less than 1.25 cm3, the MICRO sensors incorporate a unique desin to ensure they surpass industry standards for accuracy and repeatability, providing normal lifetimes in excess of 3 years.


Directives to limit and decrease Nitrogen Dioxide emissions are becoming more commonplace around the world. Power stations and traffic are the main sources. Major road networks and urban areas have the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide. However, in homes with gas stoves, kerosene heaters, or unvented gas space heaters, indoor levels often exceed outdoor levels and put at risk people's health. This compact superior electrochemical sensor also comes with a 4-20mA solution, which is pre-calibrated. An installation kit and test gas cap offers easy assembly into wall mounting boxes. Life time is 2 years.